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We will protect your plants and flowers the best we can with either tarps or plywood. We will do an extensive clean up outside your property and your neighbors property of any debris.


Roof tear offs are usually completed within one day, so you won't have to put up with the mess for too long. So please be prepared and be patient, we will be finished and gone before you know it, and you will have a beautiful  new roof that you won't have to worry about for years to come.



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The Good news is you are getting a new roof. The bad news is we are going to tear off your old roof. A roof tear off is a dirty, filthy job. Here are some steps you can follow to be better prepared for the job.




Remove all vehicles from the garage and driveway.


Cover up anything in your garage that may be damaged from dirt, dust and falling debris. These may include stored china, Christmas decorations, tools, bicycles, etc.


Remove or cover up anything outside your house and garage that will be damaged from dirt, dust and debris. This may include patio furniture, pools, spas, potted pants.


Completely cover area underneath any open beam ceilings.


Cover the area under any skylight and remove ay furniture that's directly below them. We will remove the skylights during the roofing process. (and of course we will reinstall them after)


Cover the area under any bathroom vents. Some bathroom vents may need to be cleaned out before tear off.


Cover any stored items in your attic, along with heating and cooling units.


Remove any valuables that you have on interior walls and shelves. There will be lots of vibration during the entire process.


Keep all windows and doors closed. Inform your neighbors so they can close their windows.


Keep your pets inside or at a neighbors house.


Most Jobs require electrical power, please leave a cord running out from the garage.


Because of noise levels, it's advisable that you spend the day away from your home.


After roof installation, please check your water heater stack connections to ensure no separations have occurred






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